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What we are looking for

At Marketzoo, we seek to find new business opportunities and targets to form new operating units that bolt on to existing units, teams or tools that are currently in use in the group. We strive for a decentralized operating structure with independently run operating units as this allows us to streamline and optimize operations.

In the long run, the acquired companies will create sub-groups of their own, allowing them to thrive and continue to expand in that specific niche. This initiative empowers each company and team to focus on specific and mission critical business requirements in order to be as successful as possible.

Acquisition target criteria

Monetization or SEO enhancement

We aim to find companies to acquire that can benefit from our SEO competence and resources, allowing us to maximize monetization efforts and significantly increase revenue.

High growth, margin, & ROIC business

We look for businesses that have a clear path to profitability with high ROIC characteristics. We also look for companies that have strong growth potential with the assistance of our highly competent teams.

Management that stays and is incentivized

We’re firm believers that you know your company and product best. So, we’re looking for management that will stay and is incentivized for value creation.

Reinvesting cash flow into new M&A as well as growth

We want to keep growing, and as a result, we look to reinvest cash flow from acquired businesses into new high-return projects as well as more mergers and acquisitions.

Tools and services that enhance the group

In addition to new bolt-ons and businesses, we are eager to acquire “tool” related services that can help the group as a whole with SEO, technology or other related services.

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